Capital Centre of
Culture and Sport


Why is it worth to do it?

  • because it enables you to support the dissemination of culture and sport
    (our Association has realised about 100 events for children and adolescents)
  • because you have control over what your money is spent (as Public Benefit Organization we are obliged to publish financial results ans substantive reports and to make them public)
  • because you give a chance to conduct valuable ventures that otherwise wouldn’t be realised
    without your help.
  • because you do it voluntarily, without being forced by anyone
  • because your money will be spent the way you would like it.

How to donate 1 percent of tax for Public Benefit Organization?

In the tax return the following information should be written in appropriate box:

  • name of the public benefit organization: Stołeczne Centrum Kultury i Sportu "HALS"
  • number entry to National Court Register: 0000148400

The payment shall not exceed 1 % of the tax due resulting from the tax return. Head of the Tax Office in accordace with ther will of a taxpayer is obliged to transfer the appropriate ammount to the bank account of public benefit organization (after deducting the costs of bank transfer)


By donating 1% income tax on public benefit organization you do not increase your tax but decide by whom it is to be used!