Capital Centre of
Culture and Sport


Sport activities

Capital Association of Culture and Sport "HALS" comprises table tennis section that conducts classes at four sites in Warsaw.
The goal of table tennis section is to promote this sport among children and adolescents.

Table tennis is one of the most popular sport games in the world and is gaining popularity among children and adolescents.
It is a game that uses controlling the ball with the racket within the border of the table and over the net. However, it is based on a high level of coordination, speed, endurance, knowledge and tactic sense. Regular attendance shapes consistence in pursuit a goal, uncompromising attitude, the will to fight and rules of fair play. By harmonius development of basic substantial human traits, especially coordination of movement, speed and reflexes, table tennis truly becomes a sport for all.

Table tennis section

The training process in the table tennis is not just attending
sport activities, it is also taking all measures integrating the players and coaching team. In the table tennis section children and adolescents learn technical elements that are necessary
for playing table tennis. In addition, the learn endless combination of a game. Conscious and active participation
in the process of sport training, regularity that is keeping planned, logic order in the system of training content.
Availability that is adapting means, forms and methods
to the development of a player. The organization of training
work is based on the broadest possible knowledge of individual players.