Capital Centre of
Culture and Sport


Art classes

„The Capital Association of Sport and Culture "HALS" comprises the musical band of children and adolescents. The purpose
of the instrumental band is the opportunity to commune with music, develop passions, improve musical technique. By working in a group young musicians develop social responsibility
and make additional bonds among them.

The main objective of the course is:

  • Creating for young instrumentalists that are exceptionally musically talented, the possibility to develop musical interests as well as the exchange of experience of playing instrument
  • deriving satisfaction from the common playing and performing
  • overcoming mental barriers and inhibitions
  • developing musical talents and creative ambitions
  • creating opportunity for public presentation and achiving success
  • developing public speaking skills and awareness of the role played in the group
  • preparing music chosen in accordance with the needs
  • occasional concerts for orphanages,nursing homes, companies