Capital Centre of
Culture and Sport


Capital Association Centre of Culture and Sport HALS for more than eight years has been running the table tennis section and sees its further development on the basis of this section.

The Association, at that time, within the project of popularizing of table tennis has conducted classes at four locations in Warsaw. At the beginning of March 2013 the Association HALS along with the Association „Open Door” from Zegrze launched the morning trainings of table tennis.

Thanks to owning both the Professional equipment for practicing this sport and 1st League Male Team as well as 2nd League Female Team it could ensure the development of each and every female and male table tennis player.

However, to fully realize this goal the Association will try to obtain the training room designed only for table tennis practice. Such training room along with school facility would give immense possibilities of development both for school and for contestants. Thanks to that SCK HALLS club Warsaw would become a leading club in Poland that would train future masters of this sport activity.

The Association has also a second goal, namely the reunion of all table tennis clubs in Warsaw so that this kind of sport, being one of the most common in our country and at the same time one of the most neglected by the authorities of Warsaw, would become a driving force behind the creation of National Table Tennis Centre with facilities such as hotels and biological regeneration centres. In such a centre could take place not only the largest table tennis events but also the exchange of children and adolescents learning and practicing table tennis professionally.