Capital Centre of
Culture and Sport


The Association has so far organized
the following events:


  • 9th Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival „Ecology, sea and sailing”


  • Warsaw closer to Vistula River meaning where is Mermaid?
    8th edition of Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival


  • 7th Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival


  • 2nd All – Poland Nobility Exchange
  • 6th Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival


  • 2nd All – Poland Guitar Festival
  • Co-organization of event „Concert of Kazik”
    “Songs by Tom Waits”
  • Co-organization of October tour of band KULT
  • 1st All – Poland Nobility Exchange


  • 5th Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival
  • Sport Farewell to Summer
  • 6th Tournament of Ball Dance Wawer District 2002
  • 1st All – Poland Guitar Festival


  • 4th Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival
  • International Orchestra Workshops


  • 3rd Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival
  • Co-organization of „Kazik na zywo” concert
  • Co-organization of “Ztworki” concert
  • Training of youth organizations leaders and council activists
    - Kalbornia
  • Sport Farewell to Summer
  • Co-organization of KULT concert in Warsaw
  • 4th Ball Dance Tournament in Wawer District 2000


  • 2nd Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival
  • Farewell to Summer in Wawer District – Life without addictions
  • Co- organization of event – three KULT & Kusturica concerts
  • Fete in Laziska Gorne
  • Co - organization of KULT concert in Warsaw
  • Conference on activities of youth and students organizations


  • Farewell to Summer with Sea League – Zegrze 1998
  • Co - organization of Elections Fetes
  • Warsaw Sea Shanty Festival 1998
  • Training Camp for the members of youth and students organizations – Rytro 1998


  • The Shortest Night – Szczesliwice Park
  • 7th International Sea shanty Festival
    “Shanties in Stodola”
  • Spring shanty meeting
  • The holiday of Sea in Mazowsze – Modlin Fortress 1997
  • Warsaw Theatre Spring – Street Art
  • Choir and Church Songs Festival – Holy Cross 1997

All events met with the great interest and because of that some of them are organized periodically. Many of them took place with the financial participation of entities of territorial self – governments including Śródmieście District of Warsaw, Wawer District, Praga Poludnie district, Ministry of Sport and Tourism
of the Republic of Poland, Department of Sport and Recreation of Warsaw City Hall. Part of the funds for the organization
of events came from sponsors. Thanks to the effort of the Board many of the events took place under the patronage of well
– known media such as Radio Wawa, WOT. The tangible result
of the Association’s activities is that it has gained a number
of faithful supporters both from the group of artist whose presence adds splendor to our projects as well as from the beneficiaries.