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City and Country train together

The project "Country and City train together" is a common training on the summer and winter camps along with exchange among trainers of specialist knowledge in the field of tennis table. This project is supposed to be a nationwide, which is why the role of the Association will be relating clubs from the city with the ones from villages for the purpose of common training and exchange of knowledge.

Objectives of the project

The aim of the Project is integration of urban and rural environment that enables the exchange of knowledge and methods connected with the study of playing table tennis.
The economic goal is reducing the costs of camps by partner exchange and increasing their number.  

The long- term goals of the project:

  • promoting among participants the knowledge and methods
    of playing the table tennis;
  • fostering talents of young participants and increasing self
    – esteem;
  • tightening the contacts between young people from villages and cities;
  • correction and acquisition of new skills in table tennis
    by youth and trainers;
  • active recreation of both groups of young people;
  • promoting rural and urban areas within the project.

Description of the project

Our program is directed to table tennis clubs located in villages and cities. The project requires that both groups own the training rooms and the equipment indispensable for common workshops, training camps. This prerequisite is necessary because within the project, the participants will not bear costs for renting the room and the equipment for the game. We are convinced that this idea will be developed by other trainers and the conclusions from this cooperation will be reflected in the teaching materials regarding table tennis.

Justification of the project

Each sport and each club need funding. The idea of the project gives possibility of increasing the number of table tennis camps and exchange of experience among participants and trainers. The concept of the project assumes that during the winter holidays clubs from the city will go the countrywide while in the summer clubs from the villages will come to the city. Within this project the participants from the city could in the countryside combine the training with the relax from the city rush.
The participants from the village, within the summer camp
in the city will have the chance to learn about the history
and sights of the city.
The Association has in its disposal the guidelines and the requirements to the project and is a partner that joins and certifies.