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Let the children play
– The tables for the orphanages

Motto: Remember – most of currently very successful ventures
at the beginning were not given any chance of success.

Objectives of the project

The aim of the project „Tables for Orphanages” under the name: "let children play" is promoting table tennis in the orphanages.

The main objective will be achieved through the following indirect objectives:

  • promoting the benefits that can be obtained by practicing
    table tennis;
  • allowing to overcome the barrier associated with the lack
    of qualification for playing table tennis;
  • advisory and training assistance in the field of learning to play table tennis;
  • promoting sport activity and inspiring for taking certain steps
    in this direction;
  • allowing a selected group of people to act within the cooperation with the Foundation (table tennis trainers, instructors, physical training teachers);
  • spreading knowledge about playing table tennis and making
    it a lifelong sport.

Description of the project

Our Project Tables for Orphanages under the name: "let children play" is supposed to work on many levels. In the years 2012
– 2015 we intend to cover the group of about 100 orphanages throughout Poland, selected by the Board of Association.

Justification of the project

Each sport and each club need funding. The idea of the project gives possibility of increasing the number of table tennis camps and exchange of experience among participants and trainers. The concept of the project assumes that during the winter holidays clubs from the city will go the countrywide while in the summer clubs from the villages will come to the city. Within this project the participants from the city could in the countryside combine the training with the relax from the city rush.
The participants from the village, within the summer camp
in the city will have the chance to learn about the history
and sights of the city.
The Association has in its disposal the guidelines and the requirements to the project and is a partner that joins and certifies.

Description of activities within the project

WIn the first phase of realization of the project “Tables for Orphanages” under the name "let children play" the informative and promotional campaign will be conducted. The main tools will be advertisements and leaflets in orphanages and placing the full description of the campaign on the internet. Within the first phase, the Patron of the Project will be chosen who by his authority and familiarity with life in orphanage will support its realization.
The second phase will be selecting orphanages for the program in the second level of training, namely self – study of learning
to play table tennis. This phase also consists in individual interviews of trainers and training them in groups.
The third phase will be seeking funds for the purchase of tables for orphanages and establishing the cooperation for donors. Moreover, it has been stated that a table purchased by the Association will be given to orphanage that is located nearest
to the donor. In the bottom part of the table we will attach the inscription or the plaque „ let children” – gift from company Kowalski S.A
The fourth phase is distribution of tables for orphanages.
It is planned to purchase the tables for funds collected from donors followed by gala of handing on those gifts on 6st of December 2013.
We believe that we will manage to break among the donors the barrier associated with making the decision to transfer several Polish zlotys for children from orphanages to give them the opportunities of development. We are convinced that this idea will appeal both to children and their guiders in the orphanages.